7 Figure Agency by Nick Eubanks
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7 Figure Agency

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Month 1
Overview - Getting your mind right
The curse of the entrepreneur
84.5 KB
Engineering your ideal life
Identifying what's most important
Building systems of accountability
Month 2
Overview - Your ideal customer profile and designing an offer they can't resist
Defining your actual niche and finding your ideal audience
Reddit Scraper
[VIDEO] Overview 7FA Reddit Scraper
2 mins
Audience Matrix
What should you be selling
Designing your trust offer and how to test it
Creating your customer avatar
Customer Avatar Worksheet
Customer Avatar Story
7FA Webinar - Session #1
(1h 04m 12s)
Month 3
Overview - Setting up your business for success
Your ideal business structure
Pricing based on required profit margin
Invoicing to support cash-flow
Financial strategies for agency owners
Agency SOW Template
65 KB
[Webinar] Setting Up Your Business for Success
46 mins
[SLIDE DECK] Financial Strategies for Agency Owners
1.78 MB
Consulting Agreement Template
30.8 KB
Month 4
Overview - Setting up project management for scale
A dead simple management process, that works
Creating service specialization with departments
Creating a production schedule
7FA Resource Manager
Agency Resource Manager - Google Sheets.mp4
16 mins
Building systems for reporting
QBR Dashboard Template - Google Sheets
Client Success Dashboard
Automated Project Management Dashboard
[WEBINAR] Setting up project management for scale
(1h 02m 46s)
[SLIDE DECK] Setting up project management for scale
Month 5
Overview - Building your brand
An uncomfortable check against your "brand"
The anatomy of an effective sales page
Example sales page
Establishing legitimacy in your hyper-niche
[WEBINAR] Building your brand
47 mins
Month 6
Overview - Designing your growth engine
What is a growth engine
Owned vs. hosted
A look inside my agency growth engine
Building your own growth engine
Growth Engine Dashboard [Google Sheet]
[Webinar] Building your growth engine
58 mins
Month 7
Overview - Developing a sales process
Crafting your lure
Tightening your reel
Agency Pitch Deck
Designing your pipeline
Pipeline Tracker
[WEBINAR] Developing a Sales Process
38 mins
Month 8
Overview - Customer Relationship Management
Client onboarding
Proactive client management
Handling upset customers